Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some strange happenings.....

Have you ever had one of those moments where you suddenly become an inadvertent listener to a conversation you shouldn't? So, I'm washing my hands in the bathroom at the gym when I hear a phone ring from a stall behind me. I chuckled a little to myself thinking "what a crappy time to get a phone call." Much to my surprise the gentleman actually answered the phone complete with a greeting involving a company name along with his. I gave another chuckle at the lack of professionalism. Then my ears where blessed with this conversation.

"Yes, I was at your restaurant last night with my girlfriend, who is Asian and pretty heavy, and I overheard the waiter say "she was the fastest person he'd ever seen there and that she had more chins than a Chinese phone book".....and I don't think that's very appropriate for your establishment......yeah I know your not laughing at me you're laughing with me."

At this point I had to leave the bathroom because you can only wash your hands for so long before you look crazy yourself.

Now, I could try to analyze all the things wrong with what transpired, but I think it might be too cruel. So, I'll leave by just saying I was probably the only person aware of how strange it all really was.
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