Friday, February 1, 2013

New Song! Daniel Worth - Gun Slinger

After much work and the help of a great mixing engineer, Mr. Rich Wielgosz, I've completed, and released the first track to my Album, "Apathetic".

It's called "Gun Slinger" and was inspired by listening to popular rock tunes about the wild west and thinking, "most of these guys grew up on the coast and have never, ever, ridden a horse, I on the other hand have actually worked as a wrangler!" So, I sat down and hammered out a song over the top of a riff I'd been messing with. The track ended up with a few guitar parts with a touch of mandolin, some tasty slide guitar, and a little tambourine.

You can hear and purchase the tune at, player at bottom, with more options to come.

I'm using the money raised from my songs to help fund my "500 Year Farm".

Thanks to everyone for supporting me.

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