Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An E-mail I wrote


Some of you may have heard of "Right to Work" some of might not have. It's a clever title that sounds like it would be helping someone to get a job or at least protect them. However, it's just a slick name tacked onto a bad idea that is detrimental to the work force of Colorado.

This year out of state interests are pushing this radical anti-middle class amendment to our state constitution. That's right, they are using aggressive tactics and clever catch phrases to fool Coloradans into voting for a permanent change to our constitution that will decrease wages across the state.

Why do they want to do this? It's simple, GREED! According to Morgan Quito Press, in so called "Right to Work State's", workers earn on average 15% less than other states. Also, according to the Institute for Policy Studies for a Fair Economy the ratio of CEO to average workers pay has gone from 46:1 in 1980 to 364:1 in 2006. What the out of state interests are trying to do it attack Unions so that they won't have to compete with Union wages
in an effort to drive down pay for working families across the state and nation. That way they can pay their non-union and union workers less and make more money for themselves. So, even if your not a union member your wages could decrease because of "Right to Work". So what they really mean is "Right to Work For Less".

"Right to Work For Less" has been introduced at various times to the Colorado state legislator over the last 10-15 years and has been voted down by both Republican and Democratic legislatures. But, they're not giving up. Every year they try some new clever tactic to force this legislation on the workers of Colorado despite the fact that it has been voted down every time it has been proposed.

The economy in Colorado is suffering from a burst in real-estate bubble, high oil prices and and inflation. We don't need some one we don't know forcing down our wages and hurting our local economy with legislation we have already voted down.

They like to paint a picture of Unions as greedy thugs that hate America. Just remember Union members aren't driving expensive cars and buying gigantic houses and using tax shelters to shield there income. We are not the ones sending jobs and money over seas to make bigger profits for ourselves. We are your fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. We are patriotic Americans, veterans, council members and activist. We fight for the benefit of ALL working people. Unions brought you the 40 hour work week, the weekend, overtime, OSHA, child labor laws, workers compensation, health care, pensions, sick pay, vacation pay, minimum wage and unemployment insurance. All we want is a fair livable wage for all working families.

Now, I'll tell you my story so you don't think this is just some wacko rant. I'm a third generation native Coloradan, My Mom has pioneer plates and served on city council in Wheat Ridge for 16 years. Dad raised our family on Union wages. I was a teen parent that struggled trying to put myself through school and feed my young family. I worked every job I could trying to make a life for myself and had to live without health care or a pension. I joined Pipe Fitters local #208 in 2001. I served a five year apprenticeship working during the day and going to school at night. At the end of the five years I achieved the highest score in my class on my completion exam. I now have three beautiful daughters and a loving wife, own my own home, feed my family, have a pension and health care thanks to my Union.

Please help me get the word out about "Right to Work For Less". Send this to everyone one you know in Colorado. If we don't fight, there will be nothing to fight for.

Daniel Worth
Journeyman Pipe Fitter Local #208
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