Thursday, October 23, 2008

Perfection Thy Name Is Stupidity.

Every now and then, you hear a story containing such a perfect act of stupidity that it takes on its own beauty. In a strange way, that single act of stupidity becomes something of a piece of art in that no amount of effort could perfect it any more than it's originator has achieved. Kacie, my lovely wife, recently experience such an act. My oldest daughter wears glasses. Unfortunately, her not so old glasses where recently broke by her younger sister. Since we had already used our insurance on the first pair of glasses, we where left to our own devices to find replacements. Kacie, after much research, found that a local company could provide my daughter with two pair of glasses for around $100, not too bad. During the process of the sale the salesmen made a sales pitch to get Kacie to buy polycarbonate lenses, and Kacie respectfully declined. His reaction was to say "I don't think we can let you do that, I'll have to ask my manager". This "Manager" is the one who committed the act of stupidity that inspired this post. His reaction to my wife declining the polycarbonate lenses, at a cost of $35 per pair, wast to tell her, get this, "It's an unofficial state law that children have to have polycarbonate lenses". That's right, he took the route of enforcing "unofficial state law", apparently this law was pasted by him, our own "unofficial state governor" and his band of "unofficial state legislatures", presumably the salesman. This governing body obviously assembled by way of an "unofficial vote" by "unofficial voters" held on the "unofficial election day". I was not aware that we as Coloradan's had such an active "unofficial government" out to protect it's "unofficial citizenry". Here I am worrying about the actual election and now I find out that the real problems of our nation are being handled by this new "unofficial legislature". Seeing my own ignorance as to the existence of "unofficial governing bodies", I now implore you to get out the word and "unofficially" register as an "unofficial voter". After all, how can we affect "unofficial change" if we are not involved in the process...unofficially.
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