Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simplicity Usualy = Best Solution

Having just read an article on how "Privacy" is a great concern with "Cloud Computing"(A silly fad word for internet applications). It brought about a line of reasoning I have had with regards to a few of the current world issues. If your using the Cloud(Gmail, GooogleDocs, Facebook, Myspace) and have any delusion of privacy your crazy. The fact is, if your into this Web2.0 crap your privacy doesn't exist. I have a blog, podcast, flickr, facebook, twitter. All fun and accesible to anyone. You could easly google me and find out where I live(at least get pretty close), what my kids look like, what interest I have and who my friends are. So what is the solution to "Privacy" on the internet. Either stop using it or get used to a lack of privacy.

I have the same general sentiment when it comes to altenitive fuels for transportation. There has been talk that a Hydrogen Car is just around the corner for twenty years and has anyone dilivered on it. Other than a few pilot tests. No. But, what about biofuels, electric cars, solar cars and all of this kind of stuff. Each one is myred in there own drawbacks and impracticalities. The simplest solutions have existed forever. If you want to cut down on your gas usage it simple. Use public transportation, carpool and live as close to the places you frequent as possible. I know, Hi-Tech stuff right? What do I think is the wave of the future for cutting down on US oil consumtion? The low tech solution is better public transportation(Could be high tech too I guess). The high tech soulution, telecommuting. That's right working from home(Picture of one of those stupid road side signs would be approprate right here). It's simple. as more people use computers all day every day and online meeting software gets better. The solution to an energy crissis might just be... Don't drive!
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